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Staking Support

Discord Support

EthStaker’s motto is “welcoming first, knowledgeable second”. Everybody has a first time learning about staking and we aim to support a positive experience for anybody interested and asking questions.

You can join the EthStaker Discord and discuss any questions there, or you can visit a client-specific Discord.

Also be sure to checkout the FAQ

Do not answer support DMs!

We will never DM you. There are many scammers and impersonators so you need to remain vigilant.

Community Docs Support
EthStaker Discord , Reddit
Besu Discord
Erigon Discord
EthereumJS Discord
Geth Discord
Lighthouse Discord
Lodestar Discord
Nethermind Discord
Nimbus (Consensus) Discord
Nimbus (Execution) Discord
Prysm Discord
Teku Discord