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About EthStaker

“Welcoming first, knowledgable second”

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EthStaker is a 50,000+ person community made up of stakers. Stakers help support the decentralization and robustness of Ethereum by securing the proof-of-stake network with their capital and earn rewards in the process of doing so. EthStaker is committed to helping any interested person learn the fundamentals of staking and evaluate their best way to start participating. It provides guidance, education, troubleshooting support, resources and platforms for stakers and potential stakers to interact. EthStaker does not have its own protocol; it seeks to be a trustworthy community resource. For the community, by the community.

EthStaker’s motto is “welcoming first, knowledgeable second”. Everybody has a first time learning about something and we aim to support a positive experience for people interested and asking questions.

EthStaker’s principle goal is to maximize the decentralization of the Ethereum network. This means encouraging people to solo stake when possible & to stake with decentralized services when solo staking is not possible, helping protocols to develop in ways that incentivize a healthy Beaconchain, and supporting initiatives that maximize geographic, demographic, & technological decentralization.


While EthStaker is a community organization, it’s stewarded by the active members listed below. View disclosures.

Lamboshi aka Nolan



Chief Pepe Officer


The Whip

Rémy Roy

Big Brain Tech Guy

Thorsten Behrens

Big Brain Tech Guy


Nixecutive Director


Chief Humble Helping Hands Officer


EthStaker’s documentation plays a crucial part in educating the staking community, made possible largely thanks to the contributors below.



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