Validator Workshop

What is the Validator Workshop?

The Validator Workshop is a monthly event hosted by the ETHStaker core crew to help solo stakers with the technical aspects of running one or multiple Ethereum Validators. One of the goals of the ETHStaker community is to be constantly growing, evolving, and including. In that spirit the Validator Workshops are meant to lower the bar of entry into the world of staking by providing in-depth data, guides, and support to those who embark on journey of being a solo staker.

In addition to the once-a-month validator workshops which cover a dynamic range of topics, the ETHStaker community has provided a set of guides to help those who may not be technically savvy and need additional assistance. These guides along with the companion video walk-throughs are meant to be a jumping-off point. If ever you need additional support, you can join the ETHStaker Discord Server or submit a post on the ETHStaker subreddit.

Where Can I Learn To Run An Ethereum Validator?

Listed below you’ll find links to step-by-step guides for each of the four Ethereum clients (Teku, Nimbus, Lighthouse, and Prysm). Each client has a video tutorial based on Somer Esat’s in-depth text guides. These guides will help you set up a functioning Ethereum Validator.

Teku is a full Ethereum 2.0 client built to meet institutional needs and security requirements.

Written in Java and maintained by the same team behind Besu, Teku is equipped to bring staking services to businesses.

Nimbus is a client implementation for both Ethereum 2.0 and Ethereum 1.0 that strives to be as lightweight as possible in terms of resources used. This allows it to perform well on embedded systems, resource-restricted devices — including Raspberry Pis and mobile devices — and multi-purpose servers.

Lighthouse is an Ethereum 2.0 client that connects to other Ethereum 2.0 clients to form a resilient and decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain.

We implement the specification as defined in the ethereum/eth2.0-specs repository.

The Prysm project is a Go implementation of the Ethereum 2.0 protocol as detailed by its official specification. It contains a full beacon node implementation as well as a validator client for participating in blockchain consensus. Prysm utilizes the best-in-class tools for production servers and interprocess communication, using Google’s gRPC library, BoltDB as an optimized, persistent, key-value store, and libp2p by Protocol Labs for all peer-to-peer networking.

Validator Workshop POAP Claim Process

The ETHStaker crew is distributing an exclusive Validator Workshop POAP for those who attended the Livestream. To claim your POAP you need to provide the Ethereum wallet address you want your POAP to be airdropped to, and then correctly answer the following two questions to prove that you attended the event. All valid submissions will be airdropped a POAP within 24 hours.

Please provide a valid Ethereum wallet address to have your POAP airdropped.