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URGENT: Update your Geth Node from v.1.10.7 to v1.10.8

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On Friday, August 27th 2021 a chain split occurred on Ethereum mainnet. This is an issue affecting Geth on the Execution Layer (ETH1). Version 1.10.8 has been released to resolve the issue. If you are running Geth as your Execution Layer client, please update to the version 1.10.8. If you are using Infura or like-service there is no action necessary.

For more real-time updates, there is an open thread on the EthStaker Sub-Reddit.

How Do I Update My Validator?

Where Can I Get More Support/Information?

How Do I Get A POAP Out Of This?

It’s great practice to share updates with your fellow solo stakers. When you updated your Geth node, did you share the news with your validator friend? Did you tweet about it, if so – you deserve a POAP. Acknowledge the statement below to be awarded an exclusive POAP.

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