Upcoming ETHStaker Events, Contests, and POAP Opportunities


To kickoff 2021 right the ETHStaker Community is hosting multiple events throughout January. Join us for our next community call with Danny Ryan where we get a bigger picture view of where things are going. Follow Superphiz and Unvetica.eth at the Ethereum Chicago Meetup where the two co-host and present on “Community as a base-layer of security for Ethereum”. Laugh along with us and submit your entries for the MEME Expert Contest, or showoff your skills during the Dark Forest Community Plugin Contest.

Community Call #15 w/ Danny Ryan

The ETHStaker Core Moderators have the privilege of having Danny Ryan of the Ethereum Foundation for Community Call #15. This community call is scheduled for January 12th at 2:00 PM CST (8:00 PM UTC) where we’ll be discussing the Ethereum Ecosystem at large, asking “where are we now” and “where are we going”.

Want to ask Danny Ryan a question on the Community Call? Submit your question here and one of the ETHStaker Members will ask!

Ethereum Chicago Meetup w/ Superphiz & Unvetica.eth

The topic is Eth 2 and staking! Superphiz will talk about community as a base layer for Ethereum security. We’ll look at the idea that promoting client diversity and encouraging solo staking can promote long-term health for Ethereum. He’ll be joined by Michael Giesen from the EthStaker team.

Click here to signup for the event.

MEME Expert Contest

The MEME Expert Contest will consist of two rounds over the month of January. During Round 1 all valid MEME Submissions and Comments (votes) will be issued an exclusive event POAP (seen: right). Round 1 ends January 17th. At the end of Round 1 the top 10 MEMEs with the most valid votes/comments will be automatically entered into Round 2.

For Round 2 the MEME Expert Contest POAP will function as your token to place your vote using the POAP.vote platform. There you will cast your vote on who will be crowned the ETHStaker MEME Expert out of the top 10 from Round 1. Round 2 ends on January 29th.

For full details and links, click here.

Dark Forest Plugin Contest

SuperPhiz and Preston Van Loon discussed Dark Forest and how to start building your own Dark Forest Plugins in Javascript. Preston Van Loon was a former Software Engineer at Google, Experienced in Golang, JavaScript / Typescript, Node.js, Java, distributed systems design, and systems architecture. Preston Van Loon currently works and contributes to the ETH 2.0 Prysm Client at Prysmatic Labs.

Click here to see Contest rules & how to enter.

Video Timestamps

  • 00:00 – 00:29 – Introduction
  • 00:29 – 02:28 – Community Call #15 w/ Danny Ryan
  • 02:28 – 04:30 – Ethereum Chicago Meetup w/ Superphiz + Unvetica.eth
  • 04:30 – 07:02 – MEME Expert Contest
  • 07:02 – 09:21 – Dark Forest Introduction w/ Preston Van Loon
  • 09:21 – 10:11 – Summary / Links