The Road To Devon: Wrap-Up

The EthStaker crew hosted a series of events for the Road To Devcon 2021. On Saturday, May 29th the EthStaker crew hosted The Road to Devcon Quest 2: Painting Party. is the newest experiment by POAP that sits at the intersection of art and technology. is an interactive digital canvas that allows artists of all skill levels to collaborate with one another, make original pieces of pixel art, and mint them as an NFT – effectively cementing your art digitally on the blockchain forever.

During the Painting Party Livestream there were two exclusive POAPs that were distributed: Painting Party Viewer & Painting Party Pixel Dropper.

On Saturday, July 10th the EthStaker crew hosted Quest 3: Devcon Trivia Game. Trivia Games are a staple within EthStaker Community and are an incredibly fun experience. All are welcome to participate during the Livestream Play-Along hosted on the EthStaker website, while those who won Trivia Game seats compete against each other in a live Trivia Game played using the Kahoot! Platform. Participants are asked a series of questions ranging from general Ethereum knowledge, Devcon history, and everything in between.

In addition to debuting the newest EthStaker Play-Along web app, there were FOUR exclusive POAPs distributed during this event:

With a total of 1,620 POAPs claimed during these two events, and over 2000 viewers during these livestreams, this was an overwhelming success! We want to thank everyone involved, and give a huge shoutout to Devon for allowing the EthStaker crew the opportunity to contribute!

For a look back at the full event details, please visit: