The Ethereum Merge Community Call Series


The Merge, it’s happening. The first livestream in a series of 5 will be hosted on Wednesday, June 8th to celebrate the Merge implementation on the Ropsten network. There will be a POAP.

What’s Going On?

The Merge – it’s happening. To celebrate and usher in this monumental milestone various Ethereum communities will be coming together and collaborating on a series of five live-streaming events all leading up to the Ethereum Mainnet Merge Launch Call.

These five calls will be hosted by the following Ethereum Community pillars:

Ropsten hosted by the EthStaker Community | Wednesday, June 8th

Sepolia hosted by The Daily Gwei | Date TBA

Goerli hosted by Bankless, Hudson Jameson, and Guests | Date TBA

Merge – All hosts will join the Ethereum Foundation | Date TBA

When Is This Happening?

Well – that’s a great question. Speaking specifically for the first community call hosted by the EthStaker community, that will be happening on Wednesday, June 8th. However, there is no exact time as to when the call is happening because this network upgrade is happening via hash rate and not block number.

With that being said, we can monitor the TTD predictions here. The EthStaker will be updating the livestream go-live time both via Twitter and on the YouTube page.


In true EthStaker fashion there will be a POAP to commemorate this event. The specific instructions on how to obtain the POAP will be provided during the livestream event itself. All you need to do is attend the livestream.

I’m So Excited – What’s Next?

This is a huge milestone for Ethereum and as Stakers. I think there is a shared excitement amongst us all – but what can you do to channel all that energy while you wait for each call? We’ve got a few resources for you to dig into, if you’re a solo staker you’ll find resources for you to prepare your validator, and if you’re new here and/or just catching up we’ve got some great resources for you explaining what the Merge is and what to expect going forward.