Stereum Update & Upkeep Challenge

What’s Going On?

Stereum is hosting their 4th Update & Upkeep Challenge. This is open to every independent Ethereum Staker regardless of setup. There will be a tier of POAPs that can be won based on performance, in addition to prizes, and of course.. bragging rights.

Over the course of a month after the registration period ends, stereum will measure participant’s node’s missed attestations via beaconcha.in and categorize them based on the following:

How Do I Participate?

To participate you need to pre-register for the challenge on Stereum’s website here. Full details and rules are located using the same link.

Full Rules:

  • join the Stereum Discord
  • react with the 🏆 in the #◊│⚿│content channel.
  • go into the registration channel, that is unlocked whenever the REGISTRATION PERIOD of a challenge is going on, and put in !register
  • the bot will ask you some questions about your staking setup for the purpose of collecting voluntary client diversity & infrastructure data. After answering the questions the bot will request you to verify your validator index number.
  • the bot will hand you an hashmask you will have to sign with the wallet you did the deposit with to verify your Challenge entry.
  • within 24 hours you will receive your Participation POAP & Number.
  • participate!
  • let us measure how many attestation you are missing in the PARTICIPATION PERIOD.
  • perform near perfect for the whole participation period and get yourself the S-Tier Badge, for the chance to get chosen by the blockchain via poap.fun to receive the price!