State of the Stake with Superphiz #34

Episode 34 Summary

Superphiz takes a break from playing Dark Forest and resumes his hit “State-of-the-Stake” series in 2021 by filling us in on his perspective on what the plans for Ethereum are this year. To start, Superphiz welcomes everyone into 2021 and gave a shoutout to Michael Giesen (aka unvetica.eth) for helping take on the editing, producing, and publishing of this series. 

Superphiz goes on to discuss Community Call #15 with Danny Ryan. Danny Ryan is an Ethereum 2.0 Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. Danny’s role is to work and coordinate with the Research and Implementers team to ensure they’re on the same page and on track. Danny takes the research end and writes an implementation spec which is used by software implementers to develop clients like Lighthouse, Prysm, Nimbus, and Teku. Superphiz comments on the buildup and current-day success of the Beacon Chain.

To help understand the importance of the Beacon Chain and why this is such an awesome marvel, Superphiz recommends reading up on some of the articles by Vlad Zamfir. His article on Casper FFG is linked below. 

Will the ETH1/ETH2 merge happen first, or will Shards be coming next within Ethereum 2.0. Answers to all of these questions shared by Superphiz.


00:00 – 01:14 – Welcome to 2021, this is episode 34

01:14 – 03:09 – Overview of Community Call #15 w/ Danny Ryan

03:09 – 04:05 – How Ethereum scales compared to other “PoS-like” systems

04:05 – 06:44 – What’s next for Ethereum in 2021? 

06:44 – 07:44 – Closing comments