State of the Stake with Superphiz #30

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I hope that you take this need to support client diversity seriously. If you heed what I say we might avert a network problem down the road … and might promote a more stable and healthy beacon chain network.


Episode Summary

u/Superphiz expands on the ETHStaker Community Call #13 with the Nimbus Team and how this overlooked client should be considered more seriously. Phiz goes on to discuss how exatly the Nimbus client is designed for low-powered devices (think Raspberry Pi’s), and how running one of these minority clients helps the overall robustness of the Beacon Chain network.

u/Superphiz also goes over how the Nimbus client is a great option for avoiding situations as seen with the Medalla Testnet, which were due to a majority-client failing, leading to finalization issues with the network. By installing minority clients we potentially avoid these situations.

Episode Time Stamps

00:00 – 02:24 – u/Superphiz discusses the Ethereum 2.0 Nimbus Client and it’s focus

02:24 – 04:21 – How using Nimbus and other minority Ethereum 2.0 clients actually improve the overall robustness of the network

04:21 – 05:27 – u/Superphiz explains what Status does and how you can install the Nimbus client using a Raspberry Pi

05:27 – 06:34 – /superphiz expands on the future of Nimbus wanting to expand onto other low-power devices

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