Stakehouse: Community Call #13

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It’s time for another Stakehouse Community Call. For those of you not already in the know, Stakehouse Community Calls will now be on a monthly cadence. With Community Call #13 Colfax and Remy Roy will be hosting the call and going over the following agenda:

  • StakeHouse in 2022. Time (weekly, monthly), purpose goals directives
  • James He (Prysm) API update with possible demo from Joaquim Verges on his front end to the web3signer
  • Superphiz about staking UX. Can we get a state of the stake?
  • Wagyu tools update
  • Stereum update
  • eth wizard 0.7.4
  • kintsugi tutorial video CTA for more content here (other clients, etc)

The call will be on Wednesday 1/19/22 at 5pm UTC (12pm EST) and livestreamed on the EthStaker YouTube channel here

If you’d like to participate on the call, please reach out directly to colfax#1983 or Deliz Seemack#1837 on the EthStaker Discord. You can join the EthStaker Discord here.

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