Rocket Pool Quiz Game


The ETHStaker crew is at it again with another installment of the Quiz Game, but this time with a special Rocket Pool theme. Once a month the ETHStaker crew hosts a community-led Quiz Show to have some fun. The questions presented during the game are meant to help educate newcomers in a fun way all the while competing for prizes and coveted POAPs.

The Rocket Pool-themed Quiz Game will be streamed LIVE on Saturday, March 13th at 20:00 UTC. Set a reminder on the ETHStaker YouTube Page here.

Official ETHStaker Quiz Participant POAP

How Can You Participate?

Official ETHStaker Quiz Winner POAP

To participate in the Rocket Pool Quiz Game, enter the raffle at You have until Wednesday, March 10th to enter the raffle for a chance to participate in the Quiz Game. 25 random entries will be picked to compete for prizes and the coveted ‘winner’ POAP during the LIVE streamed event.

For those of you who don’t want to compete in the Quiz Game, you can still view the event as we stream it LIVE on the ETHStaker YouTube Channel. We will be providing instructions for those viewing on how to claim a ‘Viewer’ POAP, so make sure you pay attention.

What Can You Win?

This wouldn’t be an ETHStaker event if we didn’t have some fun by giving away prizes! For the 3rd installation of the Quiz Show the ETHStaker crew will be awarding the following prizes:

(Thanks to Rocket Pool for adding to the 1st place winner with 100 RPL Tokens!)

  • 1st Place: $1000 + 100 RPL
  • 2nd Place: $500
  • 3rd Place: $500
  • 4th – 11th Place: $200
  • 12th – 25th Place: $100
Official ETHStaker Quiz Viewer POAP Raffle Winners

You won a seat to compete, now what?

Participants will be asked to go to where they will create a signed message that is the full discord username of their participant, like “superphiz#1038“. If you wish to delegate your participant spot to another user, you must sign a message with the winning address which is that person’s username.

Participants will contact Butta, Lamboshi, Worthalter, Unvetica, or Superphiz, the EthStaker moderators, and send a private message with this information, they will then be granted the role “RP Quiz Participant” and will have access to the Quiz organization room.