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Rocket Pool Pre-Launch Systems Check

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Rocket Pool NFT Poster (unrevealed)


Rocket Pool is a staking pool provider that the EthStaker crew is looking forward to see launch. They are a decentralized, trustless, and open-source staking pool provider that has been in development since 2017. With the recent announcement of Rocket Pool’s Release Candidate 7 and Prater Testnet Guides – it’s safe to assume that a launch is imminent.

To help channel the pre and post-launch excitement the EthStaker crew has compiled a series of events leading up to and after the official Rocket Pool launch. At each event an exclusive POAP will be distributed during an EthStaker livestream – all building up to the big show: a raffle for a limited minting Rocket Pool NFT Poster. The poster itself will be revealed during the raffle after all the POAPs have been distributed.

How Do I Participate?

No one knows when some of these events will officially happen (not even the EthStaker crew) until the Rocket Pool team officially announces them. As a result this blog-post will be updated once event dates/times have been established. When an event has been published by the Rocket Pool team, there will be an EthStaker-hosted livestream to celebrate each milestone leading up to Mainnet launch and celebrating milestones post-launch. Each livestream event will be hosted on the EthStaker YouTube page wherein an exclusive POAP will be distributed.

The more POAPs you collect, the higher your probability of claiming a limited minting of the Rocket Pool NFT Poster is. There will be a total of 250 Rocket Pool NFTs available during the raffle – with the remaining 750 put on Opensea for purchase. Any profits made from the Opensea sales will be used to fund projects on Gitcoin.

Where Can I Claim The Eligible POAPs?

Keep an eye on the livestream events below – at each livestream a POAP will be distributed which will be eligible to use to enter the raffle for the Rocket Pool NFT Poster. Some event date/times are unknown and are indicated as such – once date/times have been announced by the Rocket Pool team they will be published on this page.

Event Updates:

POAP #1: Rocket Pool RC7 Validator Workshop (Event Announcement)

On Saturday, August 28th during the EthStaker livestream of Rocket Pool Release Candidate 7 Workshop unvetica.eth announced the official Rocket Pool Pre-Launch Systems Check event. This would be a series of 8 events leading up to and after the Rocket Pool Mainnet launch with exclusive POAPs being distributed to celebrate each milestone. The RC7 Validator Workshop POAP was the first to be distributed during the livestream to kickoff this event.


POAP #2 & 3: Final Article Released + Trail of Bits Audit Completed

On Thursday, September 9th Rocket Pool publshed their “Final Article” on medium. This was in important milestone as it announced the Mainnet Launch Date in addition to the Trail of Bits audit completion. To commemorate the hard work of the Rocket Pool team both the “Final Article” and “Trail of Bits” POAPs were released via Twitter, Discord, and YouTube.


POAP #4: The Great Sell Wall

On Monday, September 13th the Rocket Pool whale died and with it the great sell wall has crumbled – revealing the 4th Rocket Pool POAP in a series of 8. The current whale is holding the RPL/ETH ratio down due to 10k RPL sell walls at every 0.001 increment starting from 0.0061 all the way to 0.0095. When this wall is eventually breached down, this POAP will be claimable.


POAP #5: Team AMA Livestream

The EthStaker crew will be posing question to the Rocket Pool team to showcase why their platform is a great option for solicit as a Staking Pool provider. During the livestream POAP 5 of 8 will be distributed. Set a calendar reminder for the upcoming livestream event.


POAP #6: Mainnet Launch Livestream

On Wednesday, October 6th the EthStaker crew will be hosting the Rocket Pool Ethereum Mainnet Launch Livestream. During this livestream the EthStaker crew will be counting down until the formal launch of Rocket Pool and celebrating their monumental feat of engineering. Core Rocket Pool team members, oDAO members, in addition to Rocket Pool community are all invited to attend this call. Set a calendar reminder for the upcoming livestream event.

Rocket Pool RC7 Validator Workshop

When: Saturday, August 28th @ 10:00pm UTC

What: Joe Clapis (rocket pool senior blockchain engineer) will be going step-by-step building a new Raspberry Pi machine from fresh out of the box to a fully functional validator using the Rocket Pool platform.

RC7 Validator Workshop POAP

Trail of Bits – Audit Completed

When: September 9th, 2021

What: Trail of Bits is the third Audit company reviewing Rocket Pool’s code and Smart Contracts. Final article released here.

Trail of Bits Audit Completed POAP

Rocket Pool Team AMA Livestream

When: Wednesday, September 29th. Click to set a calendar reminder.

What: Team Rocket Pool hosts a live AMA to answer any and all questions from the Ethereum Community as they prepare for a Mainnet launch. To submit any questions you may have, go here.

Rocket Pool Team AMA POAP
Direct Livestream Link

The Great Sell Wall Livestream

When: 09/13/2021

What: The current whale is holding the RPL/ETH ratio down due to 10k RPL sell walls at every 0.001 increment starting from 0.0061 all the way to 0.0095. When this wall is eventually breached down, this POAP will be claimable. [UPDATE: this is now claimable until 09/16/21 at 4:00PM UTC]

Great Sell Wall POAP

Calm Before The Storm Livestream

When: Unannounced

What: All the hard work is done, audits complete. There is nothing left to do but wait – it’s the calm before the storm. Next Mainnet launch!

Calm Before The Storm POAP

Final Article Released

When: September 9th, 2021

What: Rocket Pool has released a series of in-depth articles on their official Medium page. Final article released here.

Final official Rocket Pool Article Published POAP

Rocket Pool Mainnet Launch Livestream

When: Wednesday, October 6th. Set a calendar reminder here.

What: This is it, what we’ve all been waiting for – a Rocket Pool Mainnet launch. We’ll be celebrating with a livestream event.

Rocket Pool Mainnet Launch POAP
Direct Livestream Link

First 1000 Validators on Rocket Pool Livestream

When: Unannounced

What: The first 1000 validators live on the Rocket Pool Mainnet release will be awarded a POAP.

First 1000 Validators Running on Rocket Pool POAP

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