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Rocket Pool AMA & Mainnet Launch Livestream Events

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The EthStaker crew is incredibly excited for the upcoming Rocket Pool Mainnet Launch happening on October 6th. EthStaker is committed to instilling best practices regarding staking on Ethereum. Rocket Pool will be the first decentralized, trustless, and open source staking pool service – and will be considered the be option available outside of solo staking. To celebrate the successful launch of Rocket Pool and to provide more context as to why the EthStaker crew is so excited for this platform, we’ll be hosting two livestream events:

Rocket Pool AMA Livestream

On Wednesday, September 29th the EthStaker crew will be hosting a Rocket Pool AMA Livestream event. During this event the EthStaker crew will outline why exactly they’re excited for the Rocket Pool launch and how Rocket Pool separates itself from the current staking pool solutions available today. Additionally, the core Rocket Pool team will be our special guests to answer any community questions.

If you have questions you’d like to ask the Rocket Pool team, please click the button below to submit your question(s) which the EthStaker crew will pose during the livestream event. During this livestream the 5th (out of a series of 8) POAP will be distributed from the Rocket Pool Pre-Launch Check campaign.

POAP 5 of 8: Rocket Pool AMA

Rocket Pool Mainnet Launch Livestream

On Wednesday, October 6th the EthStaker crew will be hosting the Rocket Pool Ethereum Mainnet Launch Livestream. During this livestream the EthStaker crew will be counting down until the formal launch of Rocket Pool and celebrating their monumental feat of engineering. Core Rocket Pool team members, oDAO members, in addition to Rocket Pool community are all invited to attend this call.

In addition to all the fun and excitment during the Mainnet launch, the EthStaker crew will be distributing the 6th (out of a series of 8) POAP from the Rocket Pool Pre-Launch Check campaign.

POAP 6 of 8: Rocket Pool Mainnet Launch
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