What's Going On?

The EthStaker Crew regularly hosts events to help educate the community with the goal of lowering the technical barrier to entry in addition to welcoming more people into the world of Solo and Pooled Staking.

The excitement of Devcon has inspired the EthStaker Community to host two online events to compete for bragging rights, POAPs, and Devcon tickets. Each event listed below is open for anyone to participate.

Join The Road To Devcon Discord Server, or read below for event details.

POAP.art Painting Party | Saturday, May 29th @ 6:00PM UTC

Event overview

POAP.art is the newest experiment by POAP that sits at the intersection of art and technology. POAP.art is an interactive digital canvas that allows artists of all skill levels to collaborate with one another, make original pieces of pixel art, and mint them as an NFT – effectively cementing your art digitally on the blockchain forever.

The POAP.art canvas will be open for anyone to use for 1 hour during a livestream on YouTube. While you’re dropping pixels, we will be hearing from Devcon and EthStaker community members providing lite commentary while we watch the canvas fill up.

How do I participate?

In order to participate, you will need to be present during the Livestream and obtain your ‘Painting Party Viewer’ POAP, which grants you access to the POAP.art Canvas. All who are present during the Painting Party Livestream will receive this POAP, and all who drop at least one pixel on the POAP.art canvas will receive a ‘Painting Party Pixel Dropper’ POAP.

Following the Painting Party the EthStaker crew will host a double-header POAP.fun Raffle.

  • Round 1 is eligible to those who hold any past Devcon POAPs or who is an ETH2 Genesis Depositor.
  • Round 2 is eligible to those who hold the Painting Party Viewer POAP.

Winners of the raffles will secure participant seats for the following Devcon Trivia Game.

Feel free to join the Road To Devcon Discord Server for any questions you may have! If you want to coordinate with other artists for the Painting Party, be sure to join the POAP.art Discord Server. 

POAPs to claim

Devcon Trivia Game | Saturday, July 10th @ 6:00PM UTC

Event overview

Trivia Games are a staple within EthStaker Community and are an incredibly fun experience. All are welcome to participate during the Livestream Play-Along hosted on the EthStaker website, while those who won Trivia Game seats compete against each other in a live Trivia Game played using the Kahoot! Platform. Participants are asked a series of questions ranging from general Ethereum knowledge, Devcon history, and everything in between.

The participant with the highest scores will win tickets to Devcon and bragging rights. There will be four available POAPs for this event; the Viewer, the Play-Along Participant, Participant, and the Winner.

How do I participate?

In order to play, you need to win your seat at the painting party raffle. If you missed out or weren’t lucky enough to win, head to the EthStaker website and use the play-along application; don’t worry, you’ll still earn a POAP! The direct link to the Play-Along app will be published closer to this event.

If you’re not interested in playing along, but still want to watch and learn, you’ll still be eligible to earn the Viewer POAP by watching the Livestream on YouTube.

Additionally, you can join by going to play.ethstaker.cc and answering the trivia questions along with the EthStaker crew. If you finish all 50 questions, you can claim an Devcon Play-Along POAP!

POAPs to claim