Quiz Show

What Is The ETHStaker Quiz Show?

One of the the goals of the ETHStaker Community is to help distribute Ethereum 2.0 knowledge in a fun and easy way. The ETHStaker Quiz Show is a monthly community-driven event where any and all community members are provided the opportunity to generate and submit Ethereum-based questions to secure a seat to compete in the LIVE Quiz Show Event.

During the LIVE Quiz Show Event participants compete in a laid back and friendly Kahoot-based game. Participants compete for ETH, prizes, and the most coveted thing of all; POAPs. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runners up will earn exclusive ETHStaker Quiz Show POAPs. For those who watch the LIVE Event via YouTube and Twitch will earn a ETHStaker Quiz Show ‘Viewer’ POAP.

How Do I Compete In The Next Quiz Show?

Once per month, the ETHStaker Community will host a Quiz Show Event. The event date fluctuates and is based on the amount of community participation, moderator availability, and holiday schedule for the year. When the event has been planned an announcement is made on the ETHStaker website, event calendar, and social media outlets.

Once the Quiz Show event has been scheduled and announced participants will have three weeks to create questions and corresponding answers and submit them to the ETHStaker Community. After questions have been collected, they will be reviewed for accuracy and possibly added to the LIVE Quiz Show event. It’s advantageous to think of the most questions since you’ll have already created the corresponding answer. This will give you an edge during the LIVE Quiz Show event.

The first 40 participants who ask the most questions will be asked to compete during the LIVE ETHStaker Quiz Show. But that’s not the only way to gain a seat to compete. The ETHStaker Community also raffles off seats during a POAP.fun raffle, in addition to allowing sponsors who donate prizes to the Quiz Show will be awarded 1 seat.

Anyone and everyone are encouraged to participate. The only barrier to entry to compete is to submit the most valid questions.

How Can I Earn A POAP For Participating and/or Viewing?

During each Quiz Show event POAPs are distributed to the viewers of the LIVE Streams, Quiz Show Players, and an exclusive POAP is awarded to the winner of the Quiz Show. For viewers of the LIVE Stream, POAP claim instructions are provided during the event along with the secret claim code-word. Detailed instructions are provided during the event.

All other POAPs are individually distributed directly to the Players and winner.

How Else Can I Participate In The ETHStaker Quiz Show?

The ETHStaker Community is always looking for members who can help in any capacity. There are lots of moving parts to producing this event. Please see a non-exhausted list of potential areas to help with:

  • Event Coordinating and/or Co-Hosting
  • Content Creation (questions + answers)
  • LIVE Streaming Production
  • Marketing and/or POAP Design
  • General Tips/Advice