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1 Mins read is the newest experiment by POAP that sits at the intersection of art and technology. is an interactive digital canvas that allows artists of all skill levels to collaborate with one another, make original pieces of pixel art, and mint them as an NFT – effectively cementing your art digitally on the blockchain forever.

The canvas will be open for anyone to use for 1 hour during a livestream on YouTube. While you’re dropping pixels, we will be hearing from Devcon and EthStaker community members providing lite commentary while we watch the canvas fill up.

In order to participate, you will need to be present during the Livestream and obtain your ‘Painting Party Viewer’ POAP, which grants you access to the Canvas. All who are present during the Painting Party Livestream will receive this POAP, and all who drop at least one pixel on the canvas will receive a ‘Painting Party Pixel Dropper’ POAP.

Following the Painting Party the EthStaker crew will host a double-header Raffle. Round 1 is eligible to those who hold any past Devcon POAPs or who is an ETH2 Genesis Depositor. Round 2 is eligible to those who hold the Painting Party Viewer or Pixel Dropper POAP. Winners of the raffles will secure participant seats for the following Devcon Trivia Game.

If you’ve never used before, we’ve created a comprehensive explainer video to get you started:

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