MEME Expert Contest

MEME Expert Contest

Happy 2021 everyone! Let’s start the year off right, shall we?

u/Butta_TRiBot and u/mattcee233 have decided to organize a non-technical event that is at least as much fun as staking on Ethereum 2.0 – the MEME EXPERT Contest. Finally, all you shitposters have the chance to shine and get rewarded for it!

How Do I Participate?


Post your Eth1/Eth2 related meme as an Imgur URL (png or gif) as a comment on this thread, along with your Eth1 address. All other links will be removed for safety purposes.

Please Note: MEME Submissions don’t have to be PoS related. All Ethereum-based MEMEs are welcome.

Valid Submission Example: - 0xd85a32080113a8367bc6a34c836a876a3055d11f


Instead of voting through the upvote-button, voters should comment including their Eth1 address below the submission to vote for a specific submission. You CAN vote on multiple submissions and both participants and voters will be rewarded with a Meme-Event-POAP (you’ll only receive one, irrespective of how many times you vote).

Valid Comment Example:
Pepe votes for this hirarious me-me! - 0xd85a32080113a8367bc6a34c836a876a3055d11f 

When Is The Contest?

The MEME Expert Contest will consist of two rounds over the month of January. During Round 1 all valid MEME Submissions and Comments (votes) will be issued an exclusive event POAP (seen: right). Round 1 ends January 17th. At the end of Round 1 the top 10 MEMEs with the most valid votes/comments will be automatically entered into Round 2.

For Round 2 the MEME Expert Contest POAP will function as your token to place your vote using the platform. There you will cast your vote on who will be crowned the ETHStaker MEME Expert out of the top 10 from Round 1. Round 2 ends on January 29th.

Voting Round #1   (January 1st – 17th)
Top 10 Reddit comments (most votes through comments) will be allowed to participate in Voting Round#2.

Voting Round #2 (January ~24th – ?th)
Depending on the amount of submission in voting round 1, round 2 will start around the 24th of January and will be available for 7 days. After round 1, we will publish the second voting round on POAP FUN. Anyone with an Ethstaker/Eth2 related POAP will be able to vote for their favorite Meme.

NOTE: We are aware that voting on via Metamask + Ledger/Trezor is not working properly. 
We suggest making POAP tokens accessible through Metamask directly.

MEME Contest Rewards

Round #1
– Every participant (Meme submitter + voter) will receive a Meme Expert Participant POAP

Round #2
– #1 rank gets a special “MEME EXPERT” role in the Ethstaker discord until we find a new Meme expert.
– 10 Randomly chosen voters from Voting Round 1 can win a physical Eth2 POAP Pin.
– 20 randomly chosen voters can win something special 🙂


– Round #1 (January 1st – 17th)
– Round #2 (January ~24th – 29th)
Post your memes as an Imgur URL + your Eth1 address
Vote on submissions by commenting your Eth1 address
Win awesome prizes for shitposting