London Network Upgrade Livestream Party

The London network upgrade will take place during block 12,965,000. The state time will vary since this is based on a block, view the current estimated date of block 12,965,000 here. it’s time to update your clients! If you’re a solo staker and not sure where to start or what that means, the EthStaker crew hosted a Validator Workshop to walkthrough how to update your Validator.

To celebrate the latest Ethereum Network Upgrade the EthStaker crew will be hosting a livestream party ~45 minutes before block 12,965,000 These are incredibly fun and packed with lots of entertainment. Specifically, during the livestream we’ll be having a London-themed Painting Party, multiple POAP distributions, a raffle, and special guests!

If you’re interested in helping drop pixels to create the London Network Upgrade centerpiece on the canvas, logicbeach.eth#7509 is coordinating this effort on the Unvetica Discord Server. Join the #artist-corner on the Unvetica Discord Server to contribute! For all of those who participate during the Painting Party will all recieve a Pixel Dropper POAP. All Pixel Dropper POAPs will be airdropped after the event to the wallet address used to enter the platform.

How do I enter the Canvas?

To enter the public canvas, click here. You will need to have at least one of the nine eligible POAPs in order to place pixels on the canvas.

If you do not have a previously distributed POAP make sure to claim the “EthStaker Presents: London Network Upgrade” POAP during the livestream event. Instructions on how to claim are outlined below.

If this is your first time using feel free to check out the Explainer Video on how to use the platform.

How do I claim the livestream POAPs on Discord?

To claim POAPs on Discord you need to first be a member of a Discord Server that has the official POAP-Bot installed. You can join the EthStaker Discord Server to (if you aren’t already) to interact with the POAP-Bot.

Once you’ve joined the EthStaker Discord Server you need to Directly Message POAP-bot#0094 the codeword.

The codeword will be announced during the EthStaker London Network Upgrade Livestream Party.

How do I claim the livestream POAPs on Reddit?

To claim POAPs on Reddit you need to a Reddit account with at least 10 Karma to directly message the Reddit POAP Bot.

Once you have the codeword that will be announced during the EthStaker London Network Upgrade Livestream Party you directly message the POAP-Bot the codeword to claim your POAP.

How do I get the London Network Upgrade Pixel Dropper POAP?
You need to have placed at least one pixel on the public canvas during the EthStaker London Network Upgrade livestream event. All wallet addresses that drop at least one pixel will be eligible for a claim.

The claim will be available on Monday, August 9th, 2021 – a direct link to the claim will be published to the EthStaker website and twitter account.

How much ETH will be burned once EIP-1559 is in place?

Once EIP-1559 goes live, you’ll be able to watch ETH being burned at any of these websites: