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ETHStaker moderator unvetica.eth debuts the official website home for the ETHStaker community. The ETHStaker website was developed to help act as a central location to publish all of the content that the ETHStaker community generates, as well as an easy location to view and download calendar events the ETHStaker community hosts.

The new website ( will be where all content is published, and the events calendar publically viewable showing when the ETHStaker crew has an event planned or when they’ll be appearing on another platforms call.

Future plans include an online store for ETHStaker & Ethereum merch as well as a live stream of Ethereum clients. More details to follow soon.


00:00 – 01:47 – unvetica.eth goes over why the ETHStaker website was developed and whhat problems this should solve within the community

01:47 – 07:12 – unvetica.eth walks through the features of the newly developed website

07:12 – 10:04 – unvetica.eth explains what the future will bring with this website and what community members can expect

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