EthStaker In-Review: July


It’s the EthStaker Communities mission to lower the technical barrier for solo stakers. We accomplish this goal, in part, by creating content to help educate – in addition to providing tools and resources to making solo staking simpler. As a community we’ve contributed a tremendous amount in the month of July; coordinating Quests 2 and 3 on The Road to Devcon, hosting multiple workshops, and having some fun along the way.

What did we do in July?

The EthStaker crew completed a massive collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation on The Road to Devcon. We hosted Quests 2 and 3, filled with POAPs, Raffles, Prizes, and just plain fun. Quest 2 was a Painting Party livestream event which was a blast. This was followed by Quest 3: Devcon Trivia Game where Axic was crowned the Trivia Game winner!

Check out the Road To Devcon page for full details on both events, or replay the event recordings below!

@colfaxslby of stakehouse hosted two community calls in July to discuss and provide progress updates on existing projects such as the Wagyu Key Generator, Goerli ETH Discord Bot, and ETH2.0 Validator Wizard. Catch up on the specific details with the videos below. If you’d like to get involved and contribute to Stakehouse, join the #Stakehouse channel on the EthStaker Discord server.

In preparation for the London Network Upgrade, the EthStaker crew hosted a Validator Workshop livestream to help solo stakers prepare their machines for the upgrade. If you haven’t already updated your machine or don’t know how – check out the reply below for a technical walkthrough. @logic_Beach and @unvetica hosted a POAP Masterclass which goes through how to design a POAP to best practices when hosting a POAP event. check out the replay below.

@unvetica published a couple EthStaker Community Updates in July.

A few members of the EthStaker crew met up at ETHCC in Paris, with @colfax presenting and hosting a lemonade stand with @butta!