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ETHStaker GitCoin Grants: STAKEHOUSE, EDDC, and Studymaster – oh my!

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Unvetica, Colfax, and GraspOnCrypo discuss GitCoin Grant Round 9. Specifically showcasing the Stakehouse 1-click installer for validators, Ethereum Due Diligence Committee, Studymaster Platform, and more!

For full grant details go here:



We are a group of EthStaker community members building a one-click installer and other tools to lower the technical bar to staking on Ethereum 2.  See below for more info on our goals and vision.

Ethereum Due Diligence Committee (EDDC)

About EDDC

The Ethereum Due Diligence Project aims to build a trustworthy and impartial source of information about the characteristics and security of services in the Ethereum Ecosystem. Our initial objective is to provide a comprehensive list of all staking pool options for users having less than 32 ETH, along with a checklist of the basic characteristics of these options. 


About Studymaster

The Ethereum Studymaster Platform was created by the ETHStaker Community as a means to help newcomers understand Ethereum 2.0 Serenity. It was a 10-week course where each week required a ‘student’ to read an article, then pass a quiz based on that article with a 70% or above. 

If you completed all 10 weeks and passed all of your quizzes you received an exclusive Ethereum Studymaster POAP. The Ethereum Studymaster Platform has shown incredible growth and is in need of additional resources to help it mature to the next level. 

The Ethereum Studymaster Platform is driven by student curiosity, and fueled by POAP. For each course completed you will be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you not only finished a course but are also competent on the subject matter with your exclusive POAP.

ETHStaker Community

About ETHStaker

The home for Ethereum staking guides, educational content, and technical support. 


About POAP

POAP – short for Proof of Attendance Protocol – provides event nomads with a way to verify their attendance through collecting digital badges, all of which live onchain. Each badge is unique, meaning that the only way to claim one is to physically (or digitally) receive it at the event.

For those of you who love to flex all the Ethereum events you’ve attended over the past year, POAP is your ticket for ultimate crypto clout.

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