EthStaker @ DevConnect 2022


EthStaker is excited to present the Staking Gathering at DevConnect in Amsterdam from April 19 through April 21.

We welcome new stakers, experienced stakers, and open source developers to join us for a multi-track event with speakers such as Danny Ryan, Ben Edgington, Anthony Sassano, Jim McDonald and many more. While the first 2 days will focus on talks and roundtables, day 3 will feature an open source Ethereum staking hackathon. We are excited to experiment with new forms of contributor recognition for the hackathon and to meet our fellow community members.

Lunch will be provided for all three days, and more importantly there will be lots of POAPs. Because tickets are limited we have decided to charge $100 to prevent people from signing up, but not coming to the event. If you do buy a ticket and show up, we are planning to offer refunds. One ticket will get you access to the venue for all 3 days. In addition to the standard tickets we will be giving away free tickets based on an application process to attend the hackathon on day 3 only.

The Staking Gathering event is over. Thanks to everyone who joined!

EthStaker Hackathon – April 21st, 9:00am CEST

EthStaker is hosting a hackathon on the final day of our Staking Gathering in Amsterdam.  Our goal of the hackathon is to create new tools related to staking on Ethereum, find more details below.

Project registration will end on April 21st 10:00 UTC (noon or 12:00pm CEST). Register here.

Project Requirements

  • The project has to be related to staking on Ethereum.
  • The project has to include a novel, interesting and implemented feature that is mostly built on April 21st.
  • The project can be brand new or it can be an improvement over an existing project.
  • The project has to be open source.
  • The project does not need to be completed before presentation and judgment, but it has to have at least 1 demonstrable, novel, interesting and implemented feature.
  • Projects will be presented and judged on April 21st at 14:00 UTC (4:00 PM CEST)
    • Each project will get 3 minutes to present and demo their stuff on a stage
    • Judges will be able to ask 1 question during the presentation.

Team Requirements

  • Each team must have at least 1 collaborator working on-site
    • Remote collaborators are encouraged and will not need a ticket
  • You can look for collaborators on the EthStaker discord server in the #hackathon channel in advance of the event, or you can find collaborators in-person the morning of April 21st. 


  • Anyone with an EthStaker Staking Gathering ticket is able to enter and participate in the hackathon.
  • We’re also taking applications for hackathon-only tickets (get’s you into the event on just the 21st), you can apply here.


  • 1st place: 5,000 USDC
  • 2nd place: 3,000 USDC
  • 3rd place: 2,000 USDC

Our Judges

  • Thorsten Behrens (CryptoManufaktur, eth-docker)
    • Passionate about decentralization and Ethereum infrastructure, keen but not necessarily avid skier.
  • Terence Tsao (Prysmatic Labs)
    • I’ve been working on Ethereum core development since early 2019. We started Prysmatic Labs because we saw a great opportunity in Ethereum. Our flagship project, Prysm, is a production client for the Ethereum consensus layer anyone can freely use to participate in the blockchain
  • Colfax Selby (GitPOAP and EthStaker)
    • Colfax has a software development background and a strong passion for open source software, Ethereum, and cooking. He likes to solve meaningful problems that add value.
  • Collin Myers (Obol Labs)
    • Trust Minimized Staking
  • Stefan Kobrc (Stereum)
    • Long term blockchain & DLT enthusiast, founder of Stereum



  • Projects will be judged based on these criteria:
    • User experience: How easy is it to use this project?
    • Engineering: How impressive is the technical implementation? How well is it engineered?
    • Innovation: How original, creative, novel, and useful is this project?
    • “WOW” Factor: Did this project get you excited? Are you impressed? Does it have potential?
Thorsen Behrens
Terence Tsao
Colfax Selby
Collin Myers
Stefan Kobr