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ETHStaker Community – March Review

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March Review

The highest priority of ETHStaker is supporting all stakers while maintaining a laser focus on beacon chain decentralization and client diversity, we believe today’s targets will democratize staking for the next fifty years or more. EthStaker is one of the main arteries for taking the pulse of the Ethereum Beacon Chain. We help educate newcomers who are entering Ethereum, support all knowledge levels with solo-staking support, produce community calls with industry experts, host live educational events, all while maintaining a fun and inviting atmosphere.

We’re here to field questions and guide users through what can feel like a complicated ecosystem. The ETHStaker Community is growing, evolving, and including interested parties every day. In that spirit, and we’ve accomplished a good deal of work to help reinforce that goal. See below for a comprehensive list of our March activities:

What’s next?

The ETHStaker Community isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, with this April scheduled to be busy and full of exciting events! Be sure to keep an eye on the ETHStaker Event Calendar which is regularly updated with upcoming ETHStaker events and other Community Events.

The Ethereum Berlin Hardfork is almost here and the ETHStaker community is throwing a party! The core ETHStaker crew will be hosting a Livestream of the event along with a number of super friends. As always we’ll be distributing a POAP for those who attend the Livestream. Make sure to fill out the sign-up form if you’d like to join the ZOOM meeting.

The Validator Workshop was a solid turnout, with another workshop to be hosted at the end of April. Keep an eye on the Event Calendar when the workshop will be formally announced.

Have A Suggestion?

What do you like to see from the ETHStaker Community? If you have a suggestion of what you’d like to see more of, or something we could begin doing please submit your suggestion below for the ETHStaker crew to review!

If you have an idea for an event or series that you'd like the ETHStaker Community to host please submit the idea for review.
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