ETHStaker Community – January Review

January Review

The ETHStaker community‚Äôs priority is to support all stakers while focusing on promoting beacon chain decentralization and client diversity. We are one of the main arteries used when taking the pulse of the Ethereum Beacon Chain. We help educate newcomers entering Ethereum, support all knowledge levels with solo-staking support, produce community calls with industry experts, host live educational events, all while maintaining a fun and inviting atmosphere. We’re here to field questions and guide users through what can feel like a complicated ecosystem.

What’s more – is we all do this voluntarily because we love what Ethereum is achieving and represents. Our passion as a community was graciously acknowledged by the Ethereum Foundation in form of a grant. We were one of many humble community initiatives funded during the Ethereum Foundation’s staking community grants round.

So what have we as the ETHStaker Community done to celebrate the beginning of 2021? Well, since you asked.. just to name a few things:

What’s next?

We’re capitalizing on our momentum gained in January and focusing on the future. ETHStaker was present at ETHDenver (official post to follow soon), and are already scheduling at least two Community Calls for February. We’re still working on the details and locking down guests, official announcements to be published on r/ethstaker and soon.

Additionally, the ETHStaker crew is excited to announce another Validator Workshop! The ETHStaker crew will be showcasing how to build and setup a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) validator, in addition to walking through how to add additional keys to validators, recovering keys, and updating an existing validator based on Somer Esat’s tutorials.

The EDDC is expected to launch their website and begin publishing initial findings in regards to Staking Pools. If you’re interested in learning more about the EDDC they meet every wednesday. Meetings are streamed LIVE on the ETHStaker YouTube Channel. If you’re interested in contributing to the EDDC, please join the ETHStaker Discord and we’ll get you point in the right direction.

The ETHStaker Community is in the early stages of working on a tool to expedite the installation of all Ethereum clients. Additionally we would like for this tool to have an easy to use GUI to encourage as many people as possible to stake from home. We feel that this would be an extremely valuable tool for home stakers, and we are comfortable allocating a large portion of our grant to it.