ETHStaker Community – February Review

February Review

The ETHStaker community’s priority is to support all stakers while focusing on promoting beacon chain decentralization and client diversity. We are one of the main arteries used when taking the pulse of the Ethereum Beacon Chain. We help educate newcomers entering Ethereum, support all knowledge levels with solo-staking support, produce community calls with industry experts, host live educational events, all while maintaining a fun and inviting atmosphere. We’re here to field questions and guide users through what can feel like a complicated ecosystem.

So what have we as the ETHStaker Community done in February – let’s review:

What’s next?

The ETHStaker Community isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, with this March scheduled to be busy and full of exciting events! Be sure to keep an eye on the ETHStaker Event Calendar which is regularly updated with upcoming ETHStaker events and other Community Events.

POAP will be hosting a Community Call on March 9th which the ETHStaker Crew will be helping stream while Patricio Worthalter will be presenting the state of POAP and what to look forward to from the platform. Shortly thereafter the ETHStaker Community will be hosting its 3rd Quiz Game with a special Rocket Pool theme on March 13th.

There have been a lot of updates to the Ethereum Roadmap which have lead to a lot of questions from the community. To help understand what this all means the ETHStaker Crew will be hosting Community Call #17 to discuss the ETH1/ETH2 merge.

For those of you looking to solo stake but haven’t made the plunge, the ETHStaker Crew is hosting its 2nd Validator Workshop on March 27th. We’ll be building a minimum viable product while answering any burning questions from soon-to-be solo stakers.