ETHStaker Community April In-Review


The month of April was a high watermark for the ETHStaker Community. In addition to delivering content that we all know and love, like State of the Stake and Community Updates, the ETHStaker crew hosted a slew of high-profile events. This included a presentation at ETHGlobal and livestream of the Berlin Upgrade Party, where made its world debut.

April has also been successful for the other arms of the ETHStaker Community, with Stakehouse debuting a Decentralized Graffiti Tool. Besides a few special pieces of content like the Rocket Pool Tokenomics Explainer video, Explainer video, ETHosphere Timeline Series, and the premier of the ETHStaker Podcast, ETHStaker also played a role during Beacon Chain turbulence. They provided community support and updates to reduce confusion within the ecosystem.

Due to the number of events and content that we deliver in a month and the additional commitment to participate in upcoming events – the ETHStaker Core Crew has grown! We’d like to formally welcome Colfax and GreyWizard as our newest core members. The work that ETHStaker has accomplished wouldn’t be possible without the contributions and support from Colfax and GreyWizard. We can now accomplish even more, and we’re lucky to have you aboard. Welcome!

Ethereum Berlin Network Upgrade Party

The ETHStaker livestream of the Ethereum Berlin Network Upgrade was an overwhelming success. While we counted down to the live implementation of the Berlin Network Upgrade, there was an all-star crew in attendance for this milestone event with special presentations from POAP, Stakehouse,, Nethermind, Teku, Stakefish, and Logic Beach.

If you’re looking for highlights from the Berlin Upgrade Party, check out this special Community Update: World Debut

Patricio Worthalter of POAP debuted the newest addition to the POAP family: is a collaborative experience that allows users with existing POAPs access to a communal canvas. Users can add individual pixels to a blank canvas and mint the completed project as an NFT on the xDAI network. 

The very first piece was created during the livestream and was minted, with only two now in existence. One mint was raffled off to a lucky winner during the livestream, the second is up for auction on

But don’t feel left out; according to the official Twitter, those who contributed to the creation of the first-ever canvas will receive a numbered, framed, and signed high-quality print of the final artwork.

If you’re interested in creating on a canvas, you can go to Unvetica.eth created an explainer video breaking down how to gain access as well as how to start dropping pixels!

Be sure to join their Discord Server at and begin collaborating with other artists.

Superphiz & Unvetica.eth Present @ ETHGlobal

As a follow-up to Superphiz’ ETHGlobal 2020 talk: “Intro to ETH2 & Staking for Beginners“, Superphiz and Unvetica.eth teamed up and presented at ETHGlobal 2021 with: “A Layman’s Look at Staking on Ethereum Six Months After Genesis”.

Be sure to keep up with Superphiz at his next stop presenting at Consensus by Coindesk on May 25th, 2021.

State-of-the-Stake Episodes 44 & 45

Superphiz published 2 episodes of SOTS in April, with topics ranging from progress/updates from the ETHStaker arms (EDDC, Stakehouse) to gitcoin grants – and everything in between.

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Rocket Pool, Stakehouse, and ETHosphere – oh my!

The ETHStaker crew hosted a number of special calls during April, including a breakdown of the latest released Rocket Pool tokenomics presented by @jcrtp and company. Stakehouse also showcased a decentralized graffiti drawing tool that can be used right now. The ETHStaker community has teamed up with u/Coldsnap in late March and now hosts his ETHosphere Timeline Update blog-series and podcast.

What’s the ETHStaker crew planning next?

An exciting official announcement will be published next week, and the ETHStaker Core Crew is already hard at work coordinating and organizing a full docket of livestream events. Though exact details are still being firmed-up, we can say that if you’re looking to increase your POAP collection – this will be a great opportunity.

To sweeten the deal, the ETHStaker crew will be giving prizes away across these multiple events. We’re incredibly excited to present the full details soon – we know everyone is going to have a blast! Stay tuned to the ETHStaker website for the official announcement. We look forward to seeing you all soon!