EthStaker + CLR.Fund + EF Quadratic Funding Match Complete!

On Friday, May 6th 2022 in collaboration with CLR.Fund and the Ethereum Foundation, EthStaker hosted a $350,000 DAI Quadratic Funding matching round. This meant that individuals were able to contribute and voice their opinion on which projects they wanted to see funded to help push the staking community forward. 

With the matching round now closed, it’s onto the next step in the process. But how did the round go? It was an overwhelming success. The Ethereum Foundation donated the initial $350,000 DAI for the matching pool, but 4,704 individual contributors donated an additional $64,570 bringing the total round to $440,300 DAI which will be distributed based on the amount of donations across 21 different projects

There will also be a POAP distribution for those who participated in this event; both for contributors and for project owners. Wallet addresses will be collected and the POAP will be distributed via Once the POAP is ready to be claimed it will be announced on the EthStaker Twitter and Reddit accounts. 
A wrap-up call to go over all of the details and data will also be announced soon and published on the EthStaker YouTube channel once public.