ETHosphere Timeline Update 5 April 2021

u/Coldsnap is a contributing member of the ETHStaker Community who frequently publishes ecosystem updates on the ETHfinance subreddit. u/Coldsnap has agreed to also write for the ETHStaker Crew for all to enjoy. The ETHStaker Community wants to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ for the efforts u/Coldsnap has and continues to produce for all our benefit.

-ETHStaker Core crew

Hello Eth-fam, this is the weekly timeline update.

I feel that this week was relatively quiet compared to last week with what seemed like every project in the L2 space giving insane roadmap updates, both positive and negative. We have some changes/confirmations though:

  • Protocol upgrades – The first of these, Berlin, upcoming on April 14th or 15th depending on your timezone, is on Rinkby testnet and still on track to go live according to this week’s All Core Devs call. The ETHStaker community is hosting an upgrade party for the Berlin Hardfork and will be distributing an exclusive POAP. There is a Cat Herders viewing party for those interested in watching it live with the various EIP authors, as well as a POAP distribution.
  • After that on the Eth1 side we still have the London upgrade scheduled for July. This has EIP-1559 of course and the good news here is that Besu, Geth and Nethermind are already syncing on testnet. The general dev consensus is that London is in a very good place this early on in the timeline. Definitely on track, integration testnet (named Aleut) spec exists.
  • After London will be Shanghai. The consideration at the moment is twofold… 1- should The Merge go into Shanghai, and 2 – if so, what does that mean for other EIPs in the backlog? If the intent is to deliver ‘minimum viable Merge’ that implies that other EIPs may not get delivered for quite some time (possibly 1 year+). Does that make sense? So there is a big discussion happening at the moment on what, if any, additional EIPs should be being considered for London, Shanghai, and the subsequent upgrade. I’d recommend checking out the ACD call for the detail there, or follow Tim Beiko on Twitter. u/DCinvestor has also been posting on this topic seeking community views.
  • While this discussion progresses, efforts on The Merge are accelerating. Work towards a locked down spec is going well. Community comms efforts have started. Everybody seems now to want to get it done – but not at the expense of 1559, mind you. Dev consensus seems to be that Merge efforts are in a good place, particularly after the first of the new bi-weekly Merge dev calls. The only concerns are around client team resources – there is a lot of work compounding, particularly if decisions are taken to load up London and Shanghai with other EIPs. This is very ‘watch this space’. The roadmap will be highly enlightened once the Rayonism hackathon at ETHglobal has taken place April/May. This is where the Eth1 and 2 client teams will be attempting to hack together a testnet Merge and Sharding with rollups if all goes well. Exciting stuff.

In other updates:

  • Coinbase stock listing now has a date… 14th April, same day as Berlin! Is Coinbase really worth $90billion? We’ll see!
  • Rocketpool final beta and audits are still ongoing. I think a more realistic mainnet launch date at this stage is late April or possibly even May if they need to react to audit findings.
  • Immutable X announced that Stage 2 of their roadmap has been delayed slightly, but should still land in April. They’re also planning to integrate with Opensea, which is pretty huge. Date unconfirmed as of yet.

There were also a few other new tidbits dropped this week from projects worth keeping an eye on. These include:

  • Prediction market Auger dropped info on their move to L2. They are in the process of getting their contracts set up on Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism. No dates but this is the kind of integration we like to see!
  • Aave posted this week on their move to L2, initially with Polygon.
  • Synthetix staking is now on Optimism L2.
  • Connext announced a formal partnership with Polygon. In fact right now you can execute fast transfers of USDT and USDC between Matic Wallet and Ethereum. Neat!
  • And Starkware posted the intriguing notion of setting up an AMM (DEX) called Caspian, which would live across both L1 and L2, gaining scalability benefits without splitting liquidity.


Disclaimer: All dates are moderately informed guesses by me, and should definitely NOT be viewed as commitments from the respective teams.

Delivered or In Progress this week

  • 18 March – Rocketpool final beta. IN PROGRESS and final audits almost complete.
  • 24 March – Eth1 Berlin upgrade on Rinkby testnet. Final stage of testing prior to mainnnet launch on 14 April. All going to plan!

Q2 (Apr-Jun) 2021

Q3 (Jul-Sep) 2021

Q4 (Oct-Dec) 2021

Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2022

  • Ethereum upgrade to include validator withdrawals / post-merge cleanup. Scope fully TBC at this stage.

2022 TBC

  • Eth2 Sharding
  • Eth2 Light Clients
  • 21-30 June – Hawaii 2022. Get hype.