ETHosphere Timeline Update 10 May 2021

Hello Eth-fam! This is this week’s ETHosphere Timeline update where I state many of the big things upcoming in Ethereum in one big consolidated list.

  • The big news this week was the launch of Uniswap v3! Always good to see a big update like this deliver on time. The launch wasn’t painless and the fees are still eye-watering, but it’s out in the wild now with $500m TVL as of today – hope you’ve all got your tight ranges set appropriately and that you were rewarded with rare sparkly phalluses. That just leaves one big unanswered question… Optimism on v3 wen? Official update is that there’s no definitive date yet. Grumble.
  • Speaking of optimistic rollups, OKEx announced itself as the first major centralised exchange to enable direct deposits and withdrawals to its impending layer 2 rollups integration with Arbitrum. This is great because it means users will be able to bypass expensive fees on the L1 and trade immediately on L2. L2 bridges to other dapps will only enhance this, until we have a whole ecosystem of L2 dapps to choose from. Now, we still don’t know when Arbitrum is going to launch (it’s on the timeline for May) but its mainnet release candidate is already up on the Kovan testnet – it’s got to be soon. Offchain Labs, please!
  • To round up dapp updates, decentralised staking pool solution Rocketpool announced a subsequent round of security audits that will kick off on 17 May. This is off the back of initial audits findings to ensure those findings have been properly implemented. Audits on top of audits? Maybe evenmoar audits needed! Timeline-wise, this probably pushes back the mainnet release to July, although June feels possible if things move quickly. This, I’m sure, is frustrating for those who had originally hoped the project would launch in March, but the team have been steadfast in their resolve to not launch until security auditing is fully completed and findings implemented. Stay strong early adopters, your time will come!

Protocol updates:

  • The Merge: The Rayonism hackathon enters its final week this week. A good summary of the work to date is here. This week the aim will be to get a less transient merge testnet in place off the back of learnings from last week’s successful test. Still looking good, and discussions around the post-London feature fork (Shanghai) will be enlightened by the results of Rayonism.
  • London / EIP-1559: Still on track for 14 July, the Baikal devnet is running. Proposed block numbers and testnet fork dates are public. A new call to discuss operational readiness for the upgrade has started. This seeks to align all stakeholders across the various related projects (eg tooling, libraries) to ensure nothing is missed ahead of the upgrade. A handy tracker exists! Additionally, there were a few technical improvements/fixes proposed for the 1559 spec which Tim Beiko covers here.
  • Altair: The summer Eth2 upgrade, is progressing in parallel. Latest update from the client teams is that July, or possibly early August, is the current launch ambition. This is consistent with the previous update.



  • Ethereum protocol upgrades / hardforks in bold.
  • All dates are moderately informed guesses by me, and should definitely NOT be viewed as commitments from the respective teams.

Q2 (Apr-Jun) 2021

Q3 (Jul-Sep) 2021

Q4 (Oct-Dec) 2021

  • October – Shanghai: Ethereum upgrade to clean up EIPs previously mooted but ultimately excluded from London and The Merge. Considered EIPs: 3074, 3521, 2935, 2537, 2677, 3540
  • October – The Eth1 / Eth2 Merge: Ethereum transitions to Proof of Stake
  • October – zkSync 20,000+ TPS ZkPorter solution.
  • StarkNet Universe release. Decentralised zk rollups.

Q1 (Jan-Mar) 2022

  • Cancun – Ethereum upgrade to include validator withdrawals / post-merge cleanup. Scope TBC at this stage, but Vitalik talked about it here.

2022 and beyond!

  • Sharding – 64 data shards (no execution on shards yet) and staggered shard blocks make rollups massively fast.
  • 21-30 June – Hawaii 2022. Get hype.
  • Data Availability Sampling – Security improvement for sharding.
  • List dump of other future Ethereum improvements – Single Secret Leader Elections, verifiable delay functions, proof of custody, address extension to 32 bytes, statelessness and state expiry, account abstraction, EVM improvements, CBC Casper, SNARKed EVM and beacon chain, replace SNARKs with STARKs for quantum security.