By unvetica.eth
March 25, 2021

Ethereum 2.0 Validator Workshop #2


The ETH Staker Community is hosting an ETH 2.0 Validator Workshop on Saturday, March 27th at 16:00 UTC. This will be a LIVE event that will walk through how to set up and configure an ETH 2.0 Validator from a bare-metal configuration to a functioning ETH 2.0 Validator. During the ETH Staker Validator Workshop, we’ll present how to configure your machine, install the necessary software, and sync your validator.

The ETH Staker community welcomes all ability levels to attend. We want to enable and encourage those who are interested in solo staking a Validator by creating a welcoming environment to ask any and all questions. Solo staking doesn’t have to be a difficult or lonely experience – we can do this together!

As always the ETHStaker Community will be distributing an exclusive POAP for those who attend our LIVE stream on the ETHStaker YouTube Channel. If you’re unable to attend the LIVE stream we’ll be recording the event and publishing it to the ETHStaker Community Call YouTube Playlist.

Event Sign-Up

Please pre-register for this event to help the ETHStaker crew coordinate. This will help with the POAP Distribution and allows an opportunity for the community to help guide the specific topics covered during this event.

Please provide a valid Ethereum Wallet Address for the Validator Workshop. This will be used for the POAP Distribution.
If there are topics not listed that you'd liketo see showcased in the Validator Workshop, or if you have general questions regarding the event please place them here and the ETHStaker crew will address them.