Ethereum 2.0 Genesis POAP Design Contest

UPDATE 12/19/2020:

The launch of Eth2 has had us on the EthStaker team busy dreaming up lots of fun POAPs we can give out. Since we first announced the POAPs we have made some adjustments to the terms for collecting them to make it more fair and fun for everyone.

  • The first POAP we are giving out is for a genesis deposit. Anyone whose validator was active upon genesis and proposed a block with a POAP graffiti between genesis and now will receive this POAP. If you did not run a POAP graffiti, the POAP will be sent to your Eth1 deposit address.
  • The second is the 1024 POAP. Originally this POAP was intended to be given to people who proposed a block within the first 1024 slots. Some users accurately pointed out that this was unfair as those with many validators had a much better chance of getting this POAP. In hindsight, we acknowledge this mechanic was a mistake. So in an effort to redeem ourselves, we will give this POAP to both those who proposed in the first 1024 slots, and to people who have validator index 0-1024. We think this gives a nice reward to the crazy few who were among the first to throw their hat in the ring.
  • The third is the 32678 POAP. This POAP is the same as the 1024 in that people who proposed a block in the first 32768 slots will receive it. This POAP was available for people to claim for a much longer time and statistically, everyone was very likely to receive this POAP if they had a validator active early on. For that reason, we will leave this POAP as originally designed.

If you’d like to verify if you’re on the distribution list for one or more of these POAPs, please search for your ETH1 address via these files:

“The designer of the submission with the most votes is going to be awarded a prize of $1000 in ETH. We are thankful to for sponsoring this contest”

– ETHStaker Community


The ETHStaker community has teamed up with POAP for the first-ever Ethereum 2.0 Genesis POAP Design Contest. The Design contest started on September 14th and was open to the community at large to submit POAP designs for 3 specific Genesis POAPS. Designers submitted their entries to the POAP Discord before December 13th to be considered valid entries.

Exclusive ETHStaker POAP

In addition to the generous donation provided by for the winner of the design contest, The ETHStaker Community wanted to offer a little something and will be awarding the first 1024 accounts that submitted 32 ETH to the deposit contract an exclusive POAP! This design was courtesy of unvetica.

How Do I Vote For A POAP

To vote for your favorite POAP design click on the ‘vote’ button. You’ll be redirected to where you’ll need to connect your wallet. Once connected you’ll need to find the designer unique-ID and hit ‘vote’. That’s it. For those of you who don’t want to vote but want to see the progress of the results, please see the links below.