Dark Forest: Beginner’s introduction to creating plugins in javascript


SuperPhiz and Preston Van Loon discussed Dark Forest and how to start building your own Dark Forest Plugins in Javascript. Preston Van Loon was a former Software Engineer at Google, Experienced in Golang, JavaScript / Typescript, Node.js, Java, distributed systems design, and systems architecture. Preston Van Loon currently works and contributes to the ETH 2.0 Prysm Client at Prysmatic Labs.

Today’s tutorial with SuperPhiz and Preston Van Loon was different than most, as this was related to a Web-Based game Dark Forest which is powered by Ethereum and running on the xDAI Staging Network. Dark Forest is a space exploration game in which the entire world is discover-able using zero-knowledge proofs which means that no one really knows what’s out there in the game world until you’ve proved it’s there.

Part of this tutorial is to help beginners understand the game, but also to encourage those who want to participate in the Dark Forest v0.5 community Plugins Contest. The contest is open now (01/09/21) until Monday, January 18th, 2021. Full details can be found on the Dark Forest Blog and on their Discord. You’ll be eligible for xDAI rewards for creating the best Dark Forest Plugins.

Preston Van Loon & Superphiz Dark Forest Overview / Plugin Tutorial

There were technical difficulties for the first 16 minutes of this recording. The audio is low but still audible with the volume on high. The audio issues were resolved for the remaining of the recording. We apologize for these issues and have made corrections to avoid this going forward.

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Video Timestamps

00:00 – 05:20 – Introductions / Overview
05:20 – 29:00 – Overall Dark Forest Gameplay Explanation
29:00 – 45:30 –
Overview of Preston Van Loon’s personal plugins
45:30 – 01:18:17 –
an in-depth breakdown of Dark Forest Plugin
01:18:17 – 01:28:00 – Open Questions from stream / Brief Q&A with Preston Van Loon