Community Call #19: StakeWise

What’s Happening?

The EthStaker core crew will be joined by Kirill Kutakov & Dmitri Tsumak of StakeWise, an Ethereum staking pool service. We’ll learn more about what Stakewise is specifically working on right now, and what’s coming next. In addition to understanding more about permissioned and permissionless validators, how Stakewise compares to other services, and what to expect post-merge if you’re a validator.

There will be an EthStaker Community Call POAP which will be distributed to those who attend the livestream event. We encourage anyone with questions about Stakewise or for the Stakewise team to join the EthStaker Discord Server and ask any questions during the livestream in the #general channel, or in the YouTube livestream chat.

When & Where Is This Taking Place?

The livestream will be happening on Wednesday, July 27th 2022 @ 3:00pm UTC on the EthStaker YouTube Channel. For those attending the livestream there will be a POAP. Those unable to attend, the recording of the entire community call will be published on the EthStaker “Community Calls” YouTube Playlist to watch anytime you’d like.

Special Recognition

EthStaker is a true community, each member contributes in their own way and time. We’d like to give a special shoutout and genuinely thank one of our newest members Nix. She is responsible for making sure this call even happened, pushing things forward and overall coordinating this call. Thank you Nix!