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Community Call #18: Saulius Grigaitis of the Grandine Beacon Chain Client

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EthStaker Community Call #18 POAP

On Saturday, August 21st at 6:00 PM UTC the EthStaker crew will be hosting Community Call #18 with special guest Saulius Grigaitis of the Grandine Beacon Chain Client. The Grandine Client has been silently in development since 2019 by the SIFRAI team and is written in Rust. Currently, Grandine is closed-source with impressive claims of functionality.

The EthStaker crew is very much looking forward to interviewing Saulius to get some insights on the Grandine client long-term goals in addition to knowing when the product will be introduced into the wild. If you have questions for Saulius for the EthStaker crew to ask during Community Call #18, submit your questions here to be asked during the livestream.

As always, for those who attend the livestream will receive an exclusive EthStaker Community Call #18 POAP.

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