Community Call #15 w/ Danny Ryan


The ETHStaker crew had the privilege to sit down with Danny Ryan of the Ethereum Foundation. This was an incredibly refreshing discussion, as the group was able to ‘zoom out’ and provide insights into answering questions like ‘where are we going?’ and ‘what’s next?’. Danny Ryan was able to share his thoughts, providing valuable information for the ETHStaker Community to help guide us into 2021.

For those that were able to attend the LIVE session of Community Call #15 with Danny Ryan, an exclusive ETHStaker POAP was distributed to all verified attendees. The recording of today’s Community Call is published above this post. Questions provided by ETHStaker community members were asked to Danny Ryan.

Exclusive ETHStaker Community Call #15 POAP

Danny Ryan goes on to discuss various details surrounding how Shards will interoperate with the pending Layer 2 solutions like Rollups, the status of the ETH1/ETH2 merger, Testnets, Community, and more. See the specific questions asked of Danny Ryan below.

ETHStaker Community Call Q&A

During the ETHStaker Community Call #15 with Danny Ryan, we were able to ask the following questions, and received valuable insights. Click on the questions you find interesting to view Danny Ryan’s answer.


00:00 – 08:18 – Coming Soon sequence
08:20 – 10:45 – Introductions
10:45 – 13:35 – How did the Beacon Chain Launch go?
13:35 – 18:00 – What can we expect for Testnets?
18:00 – 20:15 – Have you seen any Testnet-ready clients?
20:15 – 22:19 – What priority does ETH1/Shards have on the Beacon Chain?
22:19 – 22:46 – Danny Ryan’s insight on the Ethereum phases going forward
22:46 – 23:53 – Can we expect funds to be released earlier than two years?
23:53 – 26:30 – Will there be a public multi-client Testnet?
26:30 – 29:04 – What can ETHStaker do to help Ethereum going forward?
29:04 – 32:59 – POAP Distribution talk
32:59 – 33:55 – How can I get involved?
33:55 – 58:08 – Community Questions
58:08 – 1:13:00 – Open Mic Community Questions

ETHStaker Community Call #15 with Danny Ryan Community Poll

During the ETHStaker Community Call #15 with Danny Ryan, the priority shift seemed to be to focus on implementing the ETH1/ETH2 merger before shards. Share your opinion on our ETHStaker Community Poll hosted by The ETHER.

Do you Agree – Merger should happen first?
Do you Disagree – shards should be first?