By unvetica.eth
August 2, 2021

EthStaker In-Review: July

Overview It’s the EthStaker Communities mission to lower the technical barrier for solo stakers. We accomplish this goal, in part, by creating…

By unvetica.eth
July 29, 2021

The Road To Devon: Wrap-Up

The EthStaker crew hosted a series of events for the Road To Devcon 2021. On Saturday, May 29th the EthStaker crew hosted…

By unvetica.eth
July 28, 2021

$4000 Website Development Grant

Calling all front-end developers, the EthStaker community is sponsoring a $4,000 Website Redesign Grant! The EthStaker crew is looking to have their…

By unvetica.eth
July 16, 2021

London Network Upgrade Livestream Party

The London network upgrade will take place during block 12,965,000. The state time will vary since this is based on a block,…

By Shane Lightowler
June 23, 2021

Ethosphere Timeline Update 21 June

What’s up Let’s take a moment to avert our gaze, just for a little bit, from the challenging price action and…

By Shane Lightowler
June 6, 2021

Ethosphere Timeline Update 6 June

This is the weekly-ish post where we update the Ethosphere overall timeline. Let’s start with the commentary>> Protocol updates: No news seems…

By Shane Lightowler
May 31, 2021

ETHosphere Timeline Update 24 May 2021

Hello! This is this week’s ETHosphere Timeline update – many of the big things upcoming in Ethereum in one big consolidated list….