By unvetica.eth
August 4, 2022

EthStaker Validator Workshop

EthStaker core crew members Yorick, Remy Roy, and Unvetica host another validator workshop. This time the crew is focused on how to…

By unvetica.eth
August 2, 2022

EthStaker Validator Workshop #3

On Friday, August 12th @ 3:00PM UTC EthStaker core members, Yorick, Remy Roy, and myself with be hostinga Valiidator workshop. This will…

By unvetica.eth
August 1, 2022

Community Call #20: Swell

On Wednesday, August 17th @ 4:00PM UTC the EthStaker crew will be joined by members of the Swell team.We’ll learn more about…

By unvetica.eth
July 26, 2022

Community Call #19: StakeWise

What’s Happening? The EthStaker core crew will be joined by Kirill Kutakov & Dmitri Tsumak of StakeWise, an Ethereum staking pool service….

By unvetica.eth
July 25, 2022

The Merge Validator Prep Workshop

What’s Going On? The EthStaker Community is hosting a series of livestream workshops to help solo stakers prepare their validators for the…

By unvetica.eth
July 24, 2022

Stereum Update & Upkeep Challenge

What’s Going On? Stereum is hosting their 4th Update & Upkeep Challenge. This is open to every independent Ethereum Staker regardless of…

By unvetica.eth
February 15, 2022

Stakehouse Community Call #14

Current simple agenda: Testnet discussion – who should participate and why? Staker survey results Devconnect Hackathon Projects

By unvetica.eth
September 25, 2021

Stakehouse Community Call #8

We’ll start off by going over updates from the GUI installer teams, then talk about other projects and ideas as usual. Join…