Berlin Upgrade Party


The Ethereum Network Upgrade “Berlin” is almost here and the ETHStaker community is throwing a party! The core ETHStaker crew along with a long list of super-friends will be hosting a Livestream of the event. As always we’ll be distributing an exclusive event POAP for those who attend the Livestream.

What To Expect

The ETHStaker crew is incredibly excited for the upgrade party – so we’re doing it up BIG! In addition to an exclusive ETHStaker Event POAP we’ll also be:

  • Debuting something special from POAP
  • NFT Raffle
  • An overall good time

How Can I Join The Livestream?

You can always watch the Livestream via our ETHStaker YouTube Channel here. If you want to join the ETHStaker crew on the ZOOM Call, please fill out the form below and we’ll allow as many people in as the platform allows.

Please provide your full Discord username. Example: unvetica.eth#1313
If you have any questions you'd like to ask during the Berlin Hardfork Party please put them here.