Berlin Network Update Update

Ethereum Network Upgrade: Berlin

The ETHStaker Livestream of the Ethereum Berlin Network Upgrade was an overwhelming success. The ETHStaker team had an all-star crew attend this milestone event with special presentations from POAP, Stakehouse,, Nethermind, Teku, Stakefish, and Logic Beach. This was all happening while we counted down to the live implementation of the Berlin Network Upgrade. Debut

Patricio Worthalter of POAP debuted the newest addition to the POAP family: is a collaborative experience that allows users with existing POAPs access to a communal canvas. Users can add individual pixels to a blank canvas and mint the completed project as an NFT on the xDAI network. 

The very first was created during the livestream and was minted, with only two now in existence. One mint was raffled off to a lucky winner during the livestream, the second is up for auction on

But don’t feel left out; according to the official Twitter, those of you who contributed to the creation of the first-ever canvas will receive a numbered, framed, and signed high-quality print of the final artwork.

Stakehouse + Wagyu

Colfax from Stakehouse showcased wagyu; a 1-click GUI installer wizard which helps lower the technical bar of entry for Solo Staking. Steakhouse has recently gone through a re-naming convention, “Stakehouse” is now the formal tooling branch of the ETHStaker Community, and “Wagyu” is the first tool coming out of that branch. 

Colfax hosted a screenshare during the stream detailing where to find the open-source repository ( as well as Remy Roy’s tool “The Wizard”; a CLI-based program to help with some of the heavy lifting when deploying a validator. 

Beacon Chain Transparency

Daniel Wong & Butta gave a great talk on transparency within the Beacon Chain, the rationale being that if you can see what it’s doing then you can improve things that need to be improved. Butta describes how this overall concept first emerged by allowing users to tag themselves by signing a message to give your validator a name. This was valuable during the testnets, making it possible to contact pools or users when there were issues for quick resolution of issues. This became a little more complicated when there were additional problems to solve while deploying such techniques on Mainnet. 

LogicBeach Album Puzzle

LogicBeach debuted the world’s first music album with a hidden embedded puzzle which, when solved, unlocks an Ethereum Wallet worth exactly 1 ETHER. This is a 7-Track album with 7 corresponding music videos that are all pieces to a complex puzzle. There are 11 secret words within the album that unlock the wallet holding the ETH to collect. The full background and specific details can be found on LogicBeach’s Medium article.

Special Thanks

The ETHStaker Community wants to extend a special thank you to Colfax and GreyWizard for taking on the responsibility of coordination of this Livestream; their help is greatly appreciated and the success of this production is largely due to their contributions. 

Thanks also to Patricio Worthalter & the entire POAP team for continually pushing the ecosystem forward with the newest addition of Not only is an incredible addition to the Ethereum ecosystem, their continued focus on doing right by the community is a shining example of what draws us here in the first place. 

And finally, Adrian Sutton from the Teku Client and Tomasz Stanczak of Nethermind team are owed a debt of gratitude for the valuable insights and commentary during the live implementation of the Berlin network upgrade. They did a fantastic job of taking complex material and making it easier to understand for the livestream.