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Altair Ethereum Network Upgrade Livestream Party

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Official Altair Ethereum Network Upgrade Livestream

If you haven’t prepared your node for the Altair Network Upgrade you need to do so now. If you don’t upgrade your system before October 27th you will experience downtime penalties.

Instructions on how to upgrade and helpful resources have been provided in this post.

Please update your nodes before October 27th.

– EthStaker Community

What’s Happening?

On Wednesday, October 27th at 10:30am UTC the EthStaker crew will be hosting the Altair Ethereum Network Upgrade Livestream Party! Altair will be the first network upgrade to the Beacon Chain since it’s launch in December of 2020.

To celebrate this milestone event the EthStaker crew will be joined by special guests within the ecosystem from client team members, engineers, and community contributors. As we watch the leadup to epoch 74240 (when Altair is implemented) the EthStaker crew will celebrate with a canvas, distribute an exclusive livestream POAP, and host a Q&A session regarding Altair’s technical payload.

Join us in celebrating this milestone on October 27th at 10:30am UTC – hit the “Set Reminder” button to be notified when we go live!

Altair Network Upgrade POAP

What Exactly Is Altair?

If you’re looking for a more in-depth technical breakdown of what specifically is happening under the hood with Altair the Ethereum Cat Herders hosted a great interview with Adrian Sutton of the Teku team.

During this recording Adrian explains in-depth what Altair is, how the data structure changes, new validator duties, and more.

If you’d like to know more about future network upgrades, follow the Ethereum Cat Herders on Twitter.

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