Altair Ethereum Network Upgrade Awareness POAP

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On Wednesday, October 27th the first Ethereum Beacon Chain Network Upgrade will happen. Altair is scheduled to go live at epoch 74240 – Oct 27, 2021, 10:56:23am UTC. See the Altair Mainnet Announcement for details on who, how, and why. If you run a validator on the beacon chain, you must upgrade before the Altair upgrade epoch or else you will experience downtime penalties.

How Do I Update My Validator?

Where Can I Get More Support/Information?

How Do I Get A POAP Out Of This?

It’s great practice to share updates with your fellow solo stakers. When you update your node, did you share the news with your validator friends? Did you tweet about it, if so – you deserve a POAP. Acknowledge the statement below to be awarded an exclusive POAP.

Altair Awareness POAP
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