ETHStaker’s Commitment To Community

The ETHStaker Community did not happen overnight, nor by accident. Originally formed by u/superphiz and u/LamboshiNakaghini as a Reddit-based community has quickly grown to multiple online platforms, with more than 6000 followers around the globe to support Solo Stakers on Ethereum 2.0.

The ETHStaker Community’s exponential growth is due to the core moderators firm enforcement of their community rules:

Welcoming First, Knowledgeable Second

The ETHStaker is a community first and foremost. The primary goal of the Ethstaker community is to support Ethereum 2 community growth and to provide welcoming support to all users. We’re exhaustively kind to every user. This community is welcoming first and knowledgeable second.

Solo Staking doesn’t have to be a difficult or lonely experience – the ETHStaker Community was created to make the Solo Staking journey easier by having an inviting support network by helping each other walk-through various technical issues, discuss theory, host special events (quiz shows, workshops, community calls, etct.) and have a good time in the process.

Third-Party Neutral

The ETHStaker community is fueled by passion and volunteers – not shilling. We feel a sense of responsibility to act as a beacon of light in what can sometimes feel like a dark forest of an ecosystem. It’s still early days and we’re all learning together. As the ETHStaker community, we’ll always advocate for doing-your-own-research first, but we’ve also taken a proactive approach as a community to publish our own findings.

By being radically transparent as a community and ethically aligning ourselves with the spirit of Ethereum, we’re able to learn together and help propel the overall ecosystem forward. As ETHStaker community members we’re all individually responsible for adopting best practices and warning each other of scams and/or bad actors.

Active Participation

The ETHStaker community wouldn’t be what it is today without the active participation of our members. It is encouraged by all of our members to share knowledge gained through their experiences as Solo Stakers. Everything is done with transparency for everyone in the community to gain from.

As we learn together the ETHStaker Core Moderators compile the information to be published for everyone to use and promote.

Meet The ETHStaker Core Moderators

The ETHStaker Core Moderators help drive the overall community and reinforce the community goals/rules. Their collective knowledge within the ecosystem is extensive. Each core moderator helps in their own way within the community.


Hailing from the land of maple syrup and hockey, LamboshiNakaghini (aka Nolan) is one of the founding members of the ETHStaker Community and serves as the resident hardware infrastructure aficionado, Whitepaper-interpreting savant, and overall good dude.


A founding member of the ETHStaker Community and a wealth of information on all things considered Ethereum 2.0. Superphiz is our community organizer and big-vision idea guy. He’s a real lighthouse in this otherwise seemingly dark-forest of an ecosystem.


You would be hard-pressed to find someone with more historical knowledge of the Ethereum ecosystem at large. If that wasn’t impressive enough Patricio Worthalter is the founder of POAP (Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol) which we’re obsessed with at ETHStaker.


One of’s top-10 employees Butta is our Discord ninja. Currently, a full-time student, and self-proclaimed meme generating master, and more or may-not have been on the cover of GQ. In between protein shakes and power naps, Butta is very active assisting Solo Stakers to solve issues.


Unvetica.eth (aka Michael Giesen) is our resident designer and developer. He’s built a lot of the web content for ETHStaker and it’s initiatives. Unvetica also designs a lot of the community POAPs (ex. Quiz Show, Studymaster, etc.). But does that excuse a man-bun in 2020?