$4000 Website Development Grant


Calling all front-end developers, the EthStaker community is sponsoring a $4,000 Website Redesign Grant! The EthStaker crew is looking to have their website updated so that it’s easier for existing community members to find the information they’re looking for. 

The goal is for the new UI/UX to be simple and immersive. Only featured posts should display images, while the remaining posts/content should be text-only. 

Below is a list of the technical requirements necessary to be eligible for the grant. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out directly to Unvetica.eth#1313 (@unvetica on twitter)

  • Must use GNU General Public License version 3
  • Must be a wordpress-based theme
  • Must be fully responsive (Desktop/Mobile)
  • Must have the following pages:
    • Home
    • EthStaker Initiatives
      • EDDC
      • Quiz Game
      • Ethereum Studymaster
      • Validator Workshop
      • Collaboration Groups
    • Events Calendar
    • Contact Us
      • Fillable Form
      • Discord Link
      • Twitter Link
      • YouTube LInk
      • Github Link
  • Must have a “featured post” section
  • Must support blog categories
  • Must have a top-header or ‘announcement’ section
  • Needs to have global search enabled 

Submissions Due August 31st, 2021. Update to follow on how to submit development URL the week of August 31st. All participants who submit entries will receive an exclusive EthStaker POAP.